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Discover Australia has begun! 

If you have visited the Zoo recently, you may have noticed some changes and heard the sound of carpenters at work! We are all very glad to say that construction has started on Phase I of the Discover Australia exhibit and that means the wallabies will be on display soon. The holding stalls are being built and the fencing materials have been ordered.

Actually, two of the wallabies are here at the Zoo but they are not on display as they are going through the quarantine period. All animals that arrive into the Zoo’s collection go through a minimum of a 30 day quarantine period before being introduced to their exhibits. During that time, we observe them and do a variety of tests to ensure that they are not harboring any parasites or communicable diseases that may affect the rest of the animal collection.

Thanks to the hard efforts of many people and the generous donations from the community, particularly, The Arthur W. Perdue Foundation and The Richard A. Henson Foundation, supporting the Renew the Zoo capital campaign; we are able to construct the first phase of the Australian exhibits. Let’s not forget the children of the area that raised money through the Just Zoo It initiative to purchase the wallabies for the exhibit. Once again, it is the combined efforts of many that make this zoo a success!


Another Success for DZS!

Recently, the Delmarva Zoological Society (DZS) was presented with The Community Foundation’s Richard A. Henson Award for Nonprofit Excellence, sponsored by PNC Bank, as the region’s outstanding nonprofit organization. The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore established the Henson Award for Nonprofit Excellence in recognition of Richard A. Henson’s deep involvement with, and commitment to, community needs, and his contributions to our community. This Award is presented annually to a nonprofit organization, within the tri-county region, that has made an outstanding contribution to the well-being of residents on the Lower Eastern Shore.

The Delmarva Zoological Society is the nonprofit organization established to raise money for capital improvements for the Salisbury Zoological Park. With the recent success of the Renew the Zoo capital campaign, DZS is working to ensure the Salisbury Zoo will be in this community for generations to come.

Congratulations to everyone at the Delmarva Zoological Society for their hard work that led to this award. Thank you, to the community, for supporting your zoo and helping to make the campaign a successful one!


 A BIG thank you to Carol Steffy and the Spirit of Esther via the Community Foundation

The Community Foundation presented the zoo with a donation from the the Spirit of Esther to be used to take animals out to a variety of local nursing homes.  Carol Steffy, daughter of Esther, made this all possible through her desire to honor her mother's dedication for the welfare of others. We are sure it will be a great experience for all involved.